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Will of Excellence


The exterior decoration consists of the conservation of the primitive trees and the arrangement of the "period" environments, gardens and landscaped areas, all with the will to excellence that characterized the restoration of the monument and which culminated in the "Europa Nostra" award.

 Precisely when looking for the most beautiful camellias, and the most exceptional boxwood shrubs for the decoration and hedges of the courtyard and the surrounding garden areas, the foundations of the nurseries that are available today were laid, and whose specimens are now made available to professionals in gardening and landscaping.

The camellias de las Torres de Mens

Varieties of camellias available:

Boj de Las Torres de Mens

Variety of boxwood available:


Buxus sempervirens


Rubecens Maior Carmine Red
Dark Pink Debbie
C. M. Honey Red Scarlet
Eugenia de Montijo Red Intense
Coquettii Red
Mont Blanc White
Madame Pépin very imbricated carmine pink

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